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We are really proud to be helping small businesses improve working capital by getting their invoices paid within 24 hours. Cash flow is the most important thing that determines a company’s resilience and success in the long term – we are delighted that so many companies are signing up to our service!

What is ‘Advanced Invoice Payment’?

It’s simple: Advanced Invoice Payment enables you to be paid your entire invoice (minus our fixed fee) within 24 hours. No more waiting out payment terms or having to manage late payers.

Why have you called it that?

Let’s break it down:


We are about taking the latest technology to create a fantastic user experience. We were designed from scratch to be cloud first, paperless, secure and instant. Signing up to our platform takes minutes, decisions are made in real time We have the deepest level of integration with cloud accounting software in the UK. We are the most advanced in the market and are just at the beginning of our journey!


The invoices you generate are the key to what we do. We will pay you 100% of your invoice value within 24 hours of your generating it. You don’t even need to tell us you have raised the invoice – our technology picks it up from your ledger in real time. We can pay you for one invoice or for one hundred – you decide


We pay you the highest percentage of your invoice in the UK. That’s it. For this we charge a fee that is fixed and bundled. Fixed means that once we quote it, it doesn’t change – ever. Bundled means that we include the cost of credit insurance and collections for each invoice you pass to us. No hidden extras, no additional costs. And because we’re paying you, we don’t take a charge or a debenture against your company, we don’t ask for directors’ guarantees and we don’t hold your company to onerous contracts.

How easy it to sign up?

We will tell you in just two minutes what our fees will be for your actual invoices within your live ledger. Signup takes around 15 minutes from start to finish – take a look at our video, here.

Creating an account on the Hydr platform is completely free and comes with no obligation.

That’s it! Simple, digital, transparent.

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