Case Study: RJM Fire Protection – alleviating growing pains and scaling at pace

RJM Fire Protection - Case Study with Hydr

We love it when our customers tell us that plugging into our platform has enabled them to scale. We’ve been working with the team RJM Fire Protection since we launched – here’s their story;

RJM Fire Protection Ltd is a specialist in commercial, residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems. RJM takes on projects large and small, from sprinkler installations at warehouses and commercial property, to garden centres, schools and homes.

Owner, Ryan Mills, founded RJM Fire Protection in 2018 and says working with Hydr has been “transformational” for his business.

While Ryan didn’t have specific payment problems before signing up to Hydr, he did feel the pressure of waiting out payment terms and the impact on his cash flow. “Paying my team on time is always at the front of my mind”, says Ryan. “That, and maintaining really high standards for my customers.”

When starting out, deciding what jobs to take on was a constant balancing act, as Ryan explains, “It’s great to see the opportunities and leads come in, but I had to be sure that I had the labour and bandwidth before taking them forward; as a small business, there is an element of risk taking on more work while you’re waiting for your invoices to be paid.

“Now we’re with Hydr, those growing pains have gone. I’ve never had it so easy! I can confidently bring in the extra labour I need to service multiple jobs – we’ve gone from having one job on the go, to two or three at any one time. Any worries about when my invoices will be paid have disappeared and I’ve gone from a team of two, to ten, practically overnight.”

One of the other advantages for Ryan is having a dedicated finance team working alongside him. “For me, the financial side is the worst part of running my business – I’m a sprinkler fitter, not a finance expert! Hydr is simple to use and easy to understand. Their fixed fee allows me to see what it will cost before each invoice is funded, which is vital. Their team have built great relationships with my customers, something I was initially a little apprehensive about.

“Having the Hydr team manage this for me has been a game-changer. I can now spend my time on my jobs and growing the business, which is what I have always wanted to do. There’s no going back – Hydr is here to stay!”

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