Controlling the controllable

Controlling The Controllable with Hydr

Now more than ever we live in uncertain times. Rising interest rates, energy prices, challenges within the supply chain, conflict and the echo of the pandemic are all having an impact on business, particularly small businesses that are most vulnerable to unwelcome change.

To survive and thrive in these times requires resilience, strong leadership, agility and an action-orientated mind set.

As in life, change is a constant but given just how much is happening in the world today it can be pretty bewildering. So, it’s smart for small businesses to really focus on the things that they can control.

In fact, companies have more control than they think. Their proposition, processes, brand and marketing, employee acquisition and corporate culture are all very much within the control of its leaders. Where a lot of leaders feel rather helpless is within the domain of financial management, as they wait for their customers to honour those invoices and payment terms.

While you can attempt to control your debtors by agreeing payment terms, more often than not those terms will be longer than you would like and not everyone pays on time. This is damaging to a company in the best of times, potentially fatal when things get tough. The good news is that you can control far more of your cashflow and working capital than you think, with the support of Advanced Invoice Payment from Hydr.

Advanced invoice payment is really simple. Instead of waiting weeks or even months for your invoices to be paid, we will pay you within 24 hours. That’s right: you get paid almost immediately for the work you have completed and invoiced, enabling you to move on to the next challenge.

We will pay you 100% of the value of your invoice within 24 hours minus our fee that is fixed and fairly priced. Sign up is free, paperless and we give decisions in real time. You can fund as many or as few invoices as you like.

Mastering the art of controlling the controllables is a great way for businesses to have more stability and build a solid platform for growth – even in the most uncertain of times.

Contact us to find out how we can help you control your cash flow, today.

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