A promise to shake things up

We build a bridge between a business and its customers by taking away the burden of waiting for payment.

Our Vision Our Mission Our Purpose
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To support businesses to achieve their worth and to reach their full potential.

To build a bridge between a business and its customers.

To remove the barrier of waiting for payment, helping businesses to succeed and to thrive.

To support and champion great businesses and the people behind them.

Our values


We are nothing without the trust of our customer.


Being ‘good enough’ is simply unacceptable.


Accepting the status quo is not in our nature.


Inclusive and respectful interaction is at the heart of every great business.

Our Founders

Nicola Weedall
Hector Macandrew

Nicola leads business operations, product and user experience. Having spent her career in lending and invoice finance, Nicola came up with the idea of building a best-in-class digital proposition, designed to help small businesses grow and thrive on their own terms. Nicola is a proud Mancunian and vocal about getting more women into technology as well as championing fellow entrepreneurs.

Hector leads performance, growth, strategy and brand. As a successful small business founder and manager, Hector has had first-hand experience of the challenges of managing long payment terms and late payments.

We get it

We genuinely believe your business’ success shouldn’t be a reflection of your ability to wait for payment. We have first-hand experience of running SMEs and understand the pressures of managing cashflow. We know even the most successful businesses can fall foul of extended payment terms.

We want to enable financial agility so that everyone, big and small, gets a chance to thrive.

Hydr removes the barriers of payment terms

We’re levelling the playing field, so that the smallest business can work alongside the largest enterprise, creating more productive relationships and working environments for everyone.

About Hydr - Our Promise

What would you do if your payment terms were tomorrow?

Let’s do business on your terms. What are you waiting for?
Tomorrow is only a day away.