The benefits of cloud accounting software and how it can supercharge your finance function

Optimise your finance function with cloud accounting

Since first shaking up the technology industry some 20 years ago, the cloud has spread to virtually every corner of the digitalised globe, and the world of business, in particular, has never been the same again. From online banking and communications to SaaS products like Microsoft 365 and Netflix, cloud technology underpins most of the digital platforms and tools we rely on daily for our personal and professional needs.

By centralising data and making systems and software accessible anytime and anywhere, the cloud has helped many companies work faster and smarter, creating increased value and competitive advantage. And like most other industries and functions, finance and accounting have cottoned on to the capabilities of the cloud and leverage them in cloud-based finance and accounting solutions like Xero, and QuickBooks.

In this whitepaper, we take a deep dive into cloud accounting software, its capabilities and the benefits it provides for businesses, and why it’s the preferred choice for accountants. We also unpack how cloud accounting software enables businesses to tap into expanding ecosystems of cloud-based app solutions that can supercharge their finance functions and contribute to future business growth.

What you’ll discover

  • What is cloud accounting and why is it essential for small businesses?
  • Cloud accounting software’s growing popularity and how traditional solutions are struggling to keep up
  • Why accountants prefer cloud accounting software
  • Key benefits of cloud accounting software for businesses
  • Top cloud solutions to integrate with your cloud accounting software
  • Optimise your finance function with cloud accounting and invoice financing from Hydr

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